President Biden To Cancel Military-Funded Border Wall Projects

President Joe Biden will cancel all border wall projects along the southern border using diverted Defense funds. The president aims to repair environmental damage from the wall’s construction.

When President Biden started his term he canceled the state of emergency that former President Donald Trump declared along the southern border. President Trump diverted billions of dollars in defense and military construction funds to build the wall.

“Consistent with the President’s Proclamation terminating the redirection of funds for border wall, no more money will be diverted from other purposes to building a border wall,” an official from the Biden administration said. “Today, the Department of Defense will begin canceling all wall projects using the diverted funds, and will take steps to return remaining unobligated military construction funds to their appropriated purpose as permitted by law.”

A Defense Department spokesperson said that the funds will go toward schools for military children, overseas military construction projects, and the National Guard and Reserve equipment account.

“President Biden promised to not build one more foot of border wall under his watch, and I welcome this step by his Administration to begin preparing the damage caused by border wall construction,” Representative Raul Girjalva, a Democrat who represents a border district in Arizona, said.

“The border wall has done nothing but militarize border communities, destroy precious environmental habitats, and desecrate Native American sacred sites. After such abuses of power, canceling the contracts and repairing the environmental damage is the least we can do.”


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