President Biden Promotes Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan In Wisconsin

President Joe Biden promoted the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.

“After months of careful negotiation of listening, compromising together and in good faith, moving together with ups and downs and some blips, a bipartisan group of senators got together and they forged an agreement to move forward on the key priorities of my American jobs plan,” Biden said. “As a result, this is a generational investment to modernize our infrastructure, creating millions of good-paying jobs.”

Speaking from the municipal transit utility in La Crosse, Biden discussed how the infrastructure deal would help Wisconsinites with some of the state’s most pressing problems. 

Biden said the deal would include the removal of harmful “forever chemicals” known as PFAS from waterways — a problem that drove the state to provide free bottled water to residents of nearby French Island. He also said the deal includes money to replace lead service lines in cities such as Milwaukee and to bring broadband internet to the many rural residents who still don’t have adequate access. 

“It’s going to make the world a difference for families here in Wisconsin,” the President said.

“More than a thousand bridges here in Wisconsin are rated as structurally deficient by engineers,” he said. “A thousand, just in Wisconsin.”

$579 billion will be spent on broadband, power, roads, bridges, railways, public transits, electric vehicle systems, and water.

The President will go across the country to promote the infrastructure package and inform residents of how the package will benefit them.

President Biden will travel to Michigan this weekend to appear with Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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