Pence Says There Is No Racial Inequality In Education

Former Vice President Mike Pence has expressed his support for the Supreme Court’s decision to reduce affirmative action programs in colleges and universities nationwide. He believes that there is no longer racial inequality in America’s education system and that affirmative action is no longer necessary.

“I really don’t believe there is,” Pence told CBS’s Margaret Brennan during an interview on “Face the Nation” broadcast Sunday.

“I believe there was. I mean, it’s — there may have been a time when affirmative action was necessary simply to open the doors of all of our schools and universities, but I think that time has passed,” Pence said.

He referenced former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s 2003 ruling, where she anticipated that racial preferences in college admissions would not be necessary within 25 years.

According to Pence, affirmative action was a “temporary solution,” and the fact that the Supreme Court has effectively ended it before O’Connor’s predicted timeline is a positive reflection of our nation’s progress. He praised the achievements of minority students on campuses and believes it is a credit to their extraordinary accomplishments.

The Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling on Thursday has stirred controversy among higher education institutions. Education and civil rights groups argue that ending race-conscious admissions policies will worsen inequality for years to come, pointing to difficulties faced by institutions in nine states that have already banned such practices when trying to enroll diverse student bodies.

Pence’s fellow Republican presidential candidates, including former President Donald Trump, have also celebrated the court’s decision, calling it “a great day for America.”

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