Opinion: Trump Wants $2000 Stimulus Checks…Don’t Believe Him

Subterfuge is deceit used to achieve one’s goal. Donald Trump is the master of this tactic. The president used unfounded racial animus to drum up support for a border wall, instructed his inner circle to downplay the severity of Covid to protect the stock market, and has accused multiple states of ‘stealing’ a fair presidential election to overturn his defeat. In Trump’s latest act of deceit, he uses the promise of $2000 direct payments to scuttle the latest stimulus bill.

In a stunning Tuesday night video, Trump called the $900 billion Covid relief bill passed by Congress an unsuitable “disgrace.” The most unacceptable part of the bill, according to Trump, are the direct payments. “Congress [has] to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low [direct payments from] $600 to $2,000”, Trump said. The issue with Trump’s feigned outrage is he was absent from the relief bill negotiations, and it was his hand-picked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who advocated for the $600 direct payment.

Trump did not explicitly state he would veto the bill if his demands were not met. A veto was never mentioned because the hard-fought bipartisan bill was passed with a veto-proof majority. Instead, this was a power play to achieve one goal, to damage one-time acolyte Mitch McConnell. The Senate majority leader officially recognized Joe Biden as President-Elect, which immediately drew the ire of Trump.

Less than a week after the McConnell statement on the Senate floor, the Trump administration sent the GOP an email that stated, “Sadly, Mitch forgot. He was the first one off the ship!”. This email included an infographic insinuating without Trump’s support, the speaker would have lost his senate race. This was a clear threat to the GOP, without Trump’s support even the most powerful republicans will lose.

This is another plot to hold onto power by any means by the president. If Trump can prove to republican leadership that he still has the ability to harm their political futures, he will wield that influence to continue to shape the RNC in his image. Trump does not care about direct payments, the 300k Covid deaths, or the millions of unemployed. Trump cares about Trump, so when he says Americans should get $2000 stimulus checks, don’t believe him.

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  1. The writer isn’t telling the #NeverTrumpers anything we did not know. Sadly there are 70 million and more that actually believe every slanderous, word salad that comes from this narcissist lying lips. Self love is healthy but HeilTrump takes it to the stratosphere. That’s when it becomes an illness.

    Its amusing to see how White America headed by the Media contort themselves to appease, cajole, pat him on the back, second guess and outright make excuses for this wannabe, poorly crafted excuse of a dictator.

    Frankly this is what makes it tolerable for me, to see a white guy blow up a white racist country because if and its a BIG IF, it were Barack Hussein Obama somehow both parties would have found a way to string him up out of office in true blackman lynchistyle. . No question he would have veen gone and his name erased from American history .

    But Heil Trump is white. Thats his asset.. Heck all he had to be was white and so this whiteness allows him to blow up the entire constitution and country and frankly all white America is doing is simply smiling uncomfortably
    and patronizing an outright quashi, never in a million years wanna be HITLER.

    So here’s a new hashtag..#GoTrump. Whiteness makes has its privileges. 🤠

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