President Trump’s National Security Advisor Says It Looks Like Biden Won The Election

President Donald Trump‘s national security advisor, Robert O’Brien, acknowledged that Joe Biden won the presidential election during the Soufan Center’s Global Security Forum. O’Brien promises a peaceful transition if it is determined that Biden won the election.

During the forum that was streamed online, choosing his words carefully O’Brien said: “if the Biden-Harris ticket is determined to be the winner – and, obviously, things look that way now – we’ll have a very professional transition with the National Security Council, no doubt about it.”

President Trump insists that he won the election – yet, contradicts himself almost daily by saying the election was rigged to favor Biden. Trump says he won’t concede and is putting up a fight. Trump has been fundraising money to cover litigation costs.

There are laws that govern the recount process.  For instance, in Wisconsin voters can request a recount only on ballot questions and not candidate races. In order for President Trump to be granted a recount in Wisconsin, he would have to pay almost $8 million dollars.

Will Trump put his money where his mouth is?




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