Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Kevin McCarthy For Promoting Parts Of American Rescue Plan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for promoting a restaurant aid program that is part of the American Rescue Plan.

Republicans opposed the bill before it was signed into law in March.

“Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the American Rescue Plan ‘socialist,’ claimed it would turn the U.S. into Venezuela, and convinced every member of his caucus to vote against it. He even warned the American people ‘help is not on the way.’ Now he’s touting the Amerian Rescue Plan’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund to brag about bringing home the bacon,” Pelosi’s office said in a statement.

McCarthy shared a link on Facebook for Small Business Administration’s website where restaurants can apply for funding.

“Applications for the SBA’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund is open this Monday, May 3rd,” he posted.

Through the American Rescue Plan restaurants are eligible for up to $10 million per business or no more than $5 million per location.


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