McCarthy Effort To Lift Mask Mandate On House Floor Fails

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy filed a privileged resolution challenging the mask mandate in the House of Representatives, which failed Wednesday night after being blocked by Democrats.

The vote was split among party lines 218-210.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that the rules will not change until all members of Congress are fully vaccinated.

“The resolution is factually inaccurate in a number of ways,” Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, said in a statement to CNN. “CDC guidance specifically says that workplaces may have different standards and OAP has conferred with CDC, as recently as yesterday, on his guidance. The mask mandate has not inhibited House business.”

According to a recent survey, 100% of congressional Democrats and 92% of Senate Republicans are vaccinated against COVID-19, while only 44.8% of House Republicans were.

Representatives Brian Mast, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, and Beth Van Duyne have received $500 fines for violating the mask mandate.

“The truth is, from this moment on, Americans must ignore lies and start to listen to scientists. The scientists at the CDC are telling us if you are fully vaccinated, you can go about your life without wearing a mask or physically distancing. So, that’s what I’m doing,” Representative Mast said. “The question people should be asking is why Speaker Pelosi not? For her, this has never been about science. It’s always been about power and control over the American people.”

On Tuesday, Pelosi reminded members of the mask-wearing policy.

“The chair wishes to remind all members about certain standards of decorum in the hall of the House,” the House Speaker said. “That includes proper attire, behavior that is respectful to other members and our staff and adherence to mask requirements and other safety protocols intended to protect all of those present in the Hall of the House.”

Last week, 34 House Republicans wrote a letter to Pelosi asking her to life the mask mandate.


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