Judge Warns Trump of Potential Jail Time for Gag Order Violations

Jimmy Williams

Judge Juan Merchan on Monday ruled that former President Donald Trump had once again violated the gag order he imposed on the trial and warned of potential jail time if he continues to ignore it.

Merchan had previously found Trump in violation of the gag order on nine occasions, resulting in a $9,000 fine. Despite this, Trump continued to disregard the order, prompting Merchan to fine him an additional $1,000 for a recent violation.

Expressing concern that the fines were not deterring Trump, Merchan emphasized the seriousness of the situation. He stated, “The last thing I want to do is to put you in jail,” acknowledging Trump’s status as a former and potentially future president. However, he cautioned that continued willful violations of the court’s orders undermine the rule of law and threaten the administration of justice.

Merchan ruled that Trump’s recent comments in an interview about the jury selection process violated the gag order, as they called into question the integrity of the proceedings.

“In doing so, Defendant not only called into question the integrity, and therefore the legitimacy of these proceedings, but again raised the specter of fear for the safety of the jurors and of their loved ones,” Merchan wrote.

As part of his ruling, Merchan ordered any offending statements posted on Trump’s social media or campaign websites to be removed promptly.

Trump has repeatedly claimed Merchan’s gag order is unfair and unconstitutional.

“This judge has taken away my constitutional right,” Trump said in the hallway last week after initially being held in contempt of court. “We’re filing, I think today, a constitutional motion.”

He added, “If somebody says something about me and I’m not allowed to respond, that’s never happened before.”

Despite Trump’s objections, Merchan has upheld the gag order, emphasizing the need to maintain the integrity of the trial proceedings.

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