House Republicans Introduce Two-Step Funding Plan to Avert Shutdown

House Republicans have put forth a temporary funding bill to prevent a government shutdown looming next weekend.

Speaker Mike Johnson, a new Republican leader, has chosen a two-step continuing resolution (CR) approach to address concerns from far-right members who dislike CRs. This involves extending some spending bills until January 19 and putting the rest on CR until February 2.

The plan aims to avoid a holiday season showdown, giving more time for Republicans to pass individual spending bills. However, it’s uncertain if it will pass the House or the Democratic-controlled Senate, which has shown resistance to the two-tiered approach.

Some Republicans, especially hardliners, wanted budget cuts included in the plan, leading to opposition from Rep. Chip Roy of Texas.

“It’s a 100% clean. And I 100% oppose,” Roy tweeted. “My opposition to the clean CR just announced by the Speaker to the @HouseGOP cannot be overstated. Funding Pelosi level spending & policies for 75 days — for future “promises.”

Speaker Johnson hopes the plan, dubbed a “laddered CR,” will allow Republicans to fight for conservative priorities.

Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, prefer a simple extension of government funding without complications. Democrats’ opposition could lead the House to accept a clean CR passed by the Senate.

The House is expected to vote as early as Tuesday to give members 72 hours to read the text of the bill, according to two people familiar with matter. The plan does not include budget cuts or aid for Israel.

Despite recent GOP tensions, there is little appetite for a government shutdown among Republicans. Some, even conservatives, are willing to support a CR to keep the government running. The situation remains fluid, with the possibility of negotiations and changes before the deadline.

This approach aims to manage Republican internal dynamics and provide an opportunity for conservative wins. However, it faces resistance from Democrats, who prefer a straightforward funding extension. The outcome will determine how smoothly the government can continue operating without disruption.

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