House Cancels March 4 Votes Amid Security Threats At The Capitol

The House of Representatives canceled votes Thursday in Washington amid new security threats at the Capitol.

Members were scheduled to vote Thursday on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, but will instead vote Wednesday evening and cancel votes for the remainder of the week.

The change was due in part to a new intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security stating the U.S. Capitol is the target of a potential plot by a militia group to attack Democratic lawmakers on March 4.

“As of late February, an unidentified group of militia violent extremists discussed plans to take control of the U.S. Capitol and remove Democratic lawmakers on or about 4 March and discussed aspirational plans to persuade thousands to travel to Washington, DC, to participate,” the bulletin reads.

In a separate statement, Capitol Police said it had obtained intelligence “that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an unidentified militia group on Thursday, March 4.”

Melissa Smislova, acting undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at the Department of Homeland Security, confirmed at a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday that threats to the Capitol were “ongoing.”

March 4 is a date that QAnon conspiracy theorists believe that former President Trump could return to power because it is the original inauguration day for presidents before 1933.

As of now, the Senate is scheduled to be in session on Thursday.


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