Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Current Aide Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment

Things continue to unravel for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Alyssa McGrath, an aide in the governor’s office, is accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment.

McGrath told the New York Times that Cuomo regularly commented on her appearance, stared at her, and made improper remarks. McGrath also said that the governor looked down her shirt, asked about her marital status, and told her she was beautiful in Italian. 

“He has a way of making you feel very comfortable around him, almost like you’re his friend,” McGrath said. “But then you walk away from the encounter or conversation, in your head going, ‘I can’t believe I just had that interaction with the governor of New York.'”

Another aide who is currently employed in the governor’s office, accused him of groping her breast while she was at the Executive Mansion last year. McGrath revealed that she spoke to the aide.

“She froze when he started doing stuff to her,” McGrath said. “But who are you going to tell?”

Cuomo, who is currently under investigation for these allegations, denies engaging in any sexual misconduct. People are rallying for him to resign but the governor refuses.

“The governor has greeted men and women with hugs and a kiss on the cheek, forehead, or hand. Yes, he has posed for photographs with his arm around them. Yes, he uses Italian phrases like ‘ciao bella,'” Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s lawyer, said. “None of this is remarkable, although it may be old-fashioned. He has made clear that he has never made inappropriate advances or inappropriately touched anyone.”

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