GOP Senator To Delay Electoral College Certification By Objecting To Results

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley plans to object when Congress meets to certify the Electoral Votes on January 6, which will force Congress to debate and then vote on the results of President-elect Joe Biden‘s win. Hawley’s objection will not determine if President-elect Joe Biden will become President; it will only delay the affirmation of Biden’s victory.

According to CNN, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell urged Senate Republicans not to join GOP House Representatives who are planning to object, but Hawley intends to do so anyway.

McConnell says that objecting will not only prolong the process, but would force Republicans to vote on the record against President Trump. Hawley, who supports Trump’s electoral fraud claims, believes that some states have failed to follow their laws and complained that social media companies didn’t handle the election properly.

“I cannot vote to certify the electoral college results on January 6 without raising the fact that some states, particularly Pennslyvania, failed to follow their own state election laws,” Hawley said. “At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections. But Congress has so far failed to act.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would still be sworn into office at the end of this process and that “the effort by the sitting President of the United States to overturn the results is patently undemocratic.” “The effort by others to amplify and burnish his ludicrous claims of fraud is equally revolting,” said Schumer.

“This is America. We have elections. We have results. We make arguments based on the fact and reason-not conspiracy and fantasy,” Schumer declared.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, supports Hawley’s efforts, but said there was “no reason for more people to object. All it takes is one.”

Biden’s certification isn’t the first to undergo this process. House Democrats objected during the certification process in 2001 and 2017, but no Senator joined those objections.

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