GOP Donor Who Gave Millions To Voter Fraud Probe Wants Refund

A Republican donor who gave $2.5 million to a conservative non-profit in Texas to investigate voter fraud wants his money back.

Fred Eshelman, from North Carolina, now says he regrets his decision and doubts the conspiracy theories that fueled the efforts back in November and December, the Washington Post reported.

Eshelman reached out to Texas-based True The Vote, which promises on its website that it protects voter integrity.

After a brief 25-minute phone call on November 5th, Eshelman decided to give the group about $2 million dollars. He then gave another give of $500,000 soon after

Now, he is suing the group and demanding his money back after seeing little to no progress since his donation.

In the lawsuit, he says that money was promised conditionally that they would investigate, litigate and exposed expected illegal balloting and fraud.

Lawyers for True The Vote say there’s nothing in phone calls, emails or texts that suggest it was a conditional gift.


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