Georgia Asked to Investigate If Lindsey Graham Attempted To Interfere In The Election

An investigation has been launched to see if U.S. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina committed a criminal violation when he contacted Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Republican Secretary of State.

Former U.S. Attorney for Atlanta Michael J. Moore wants the Georgia State Election Board to lead the investigation regarding the allegations that Graham called Raffensperger to ask him to throw out some of the Georgia ballots. A request that Raffensperger said left him “stunned. According to Forbes, Moore served over five years as the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia when forever President Barack Obama was in office. If Graham indeed made the request, it violates many Georgia election laws, and comes off as a “conspiracy to commit fraud,” Moore stated.

Graham purportedly contacted the GA Secretary of State on November 13 and urged him to review signature issues on ballots. He also questioned if poll workers accepted illegitimate ballots due to a possible political bias.

Raffensperger felt as if the U.S. Senator was really saying, “look hard and see how many ballots you could throw out.”

Now Moore wants to probe deeper into the situation, he has also asked the Board to investigate if Graham wanted to interfere with the critical and upcoming Georgia Senate run-offs.

Of course, the Republican senator has denounced any wrongdoing on his end and has instead blamed Raffensperger for “mischaracterizing” their conversation. In his opinion, he was only trying to protect the integrity of the election.

“Based upon the public reporting of Senator Graham’s telephone call, including interviews given by Secretary Raffensperger and his staff, it appears this was an effort by the current Chairman of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee to potentially disenfranchise Georgia voters,” Moore wrote.

Graham’s call came before the state certified President-elect Joe Biden as the state’s winner, Georgia was turned blue for the first time since Clinton’s win in 1992.

Trump and his allies have pulled every string to overturn the election results, going as far as claiming widespread voter fraud. Trump has also slammed Raffensperger and Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp since his loss.

But Georgia isn’t the only state Graham contacted, he admits to making a call to Arizona Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey after Trump was defeated there. Arizona is another state that has been painted red since 1996.

Georgia is in its third recount, all at Trump’s request which is legal because the margin falls under the .5% scale allowing a recount if requested.

The state of Georgia is at the tough end of the election, with violent threats being unleashed on those involved in the recounting process. Forbes reported that a 20-year-old contractor had received death threats tied to a noose with his name on it. Officials in charge have pointed fingers at Trump for his recent election fraud rhetoric.

Stay strong Georgia!

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