GBI Audit Found Only Two Mismatched Names In November Election

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has concluded their signature audit in Cobb County over the November election.

Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Justin Gray spoke with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Tuesday evening and learned that only two mismatched signatures were discovered out of the 15,000 plus votes that were part of the audit.

Raffensperger claimed his office had looked into credible allegations that the county was involved in improper handlings with signature matches during the June primary. As a result, Raffensperger ordered a signature audit for the November election.

According to WSB-TV, a woman claimed she signed her name to ballots for both her and her husband. However, the audit found no fraudulent absentee ballots, and there was a 99% confidence threshold.

“It really shows you and should give voters confidence that there’s accuracy and integrity, and security in the absentee ballot process, so we’re really grateful for GBI’s support,” Raffensperger said.

The Cobb County signature audit was a first for Georgia. County election offices previously conducted a hand count audit and then a machine recount at President Trump’s request. Following Joe Biden’s 12,000 vote win over Donald Trump, Republican leaders called for similar audits.

One of the lawsuits referenced the Cobb county signature match issue. As a result, Raffensperger ordered the audit—conducted by GBI agents and state election investigators—to clear the air.

Since the election, Raffensperger has announced that he would like to end Georgia’s no-excuse absentee voting and place limitations on who can vote by mail.

“I think there should be a reason based for why you vote absentee,” Raffensperger said. When asked why he would like to make a change to a system he once defended and promoted, he replied, “It’s a huge burden for the counties. In effect, what we are asking the counties to do is run three elections, one with absentee voting early voting and then Election Day.”

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