G7 Commits To Donation Of 1 Billion COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

On Friday, the Group of Seven (G7) announced that they would give 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines to communities worldwide.

500 million of the doses are being donated by the United States, which President Biden announced on Thursday.

Leaders from around the world are in Cornwall, England for the G-7 summit.

The organization is comprised of the world’s leading industrial countries — Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States.

The announcement of half a billion new vaccine doses from the U.S. comes on top of both the at least 80 million vaccine doses previously announced by President Biden and the $2 billion in funding which the United States has previously provided to Gavi to support COVAX.

The group will also endorse a global minimum tax of at least 15 percent for companies.

“This U.S. priority is a critical step towards ending the decades-long race to the bottom that pushes nations to compete over who can offer the lowest tax rate to large corporations at the expense of protecting workers, investing in infrastructure, and growing the middle class,” the White House said.

The leaders will also announce a plan to replace Digital Services Taxes, which targeted the biggest American tech companies, with a new tax plan linked to the places where multinationals are actually doing business, rather than where they are headquartered.

The G-7 summit kicked off on Friday and will end on Sunday.

The leaders are expected to discuss the COVID-19 crisis, climate change, ransomware, and China.


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