Fencing Around Capitol To Be Removed Starting Today

U.S. Capitol Police announced earlier this week that the fencing around the United States Capitol that was put up in the wake of the January 6 insurrection, will start to be removed as early as today.

The process should take no longer than three days, weather permitting.

“Based on the current threat environment, recent enhancements to USCP response capabilities, and enhanced coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement partners, the Capitol Police Board is supporting USCP’s recommendation to remove the temporary fencing around Capitol Square,” the US Capitol Police wrote in an email obtained by CNN.

According to CNN, the Capitol Police Board approved the removal of the fencing.

The razor wire and 7-foot-tall fencing was installed by the National Guard after the deadly domestic terrorist attack on January 6, 2021.

Removing the fencing has been a gradual process. Workers removed an outer — and much larger — fencing perimeter in March.

National Guard troops stationed at the Capitol completed their five-month deployment at the complex in May, fully leaving after a slow monthslong reduction from a peak of 25,000 servicemembers hailing from all states and territories.

House Democrats passed a $1.9 billion security supplemental spending package by a 213-212 vote in May despite unified Republican opposition to the bill, but the Senate has not taken up the bill yet.

Senate Appropriations Chairman Patrick J. Leahy warned the Capitol Police that funding could run dry by August if lawmakers don’t approve the supplemental spending bill before then.

A task force that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi established in January,  recommended installing retractable fencing and a mobile system to keep the border of the Capitol safe and secure.




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