Donald Trump Starts a PAC

It looks like Donald Trump plans to be a force in politics even after he leaves office. According to reports, Trump has started his own political action committee this past week called “Save America.” Political action committees, also known as Leadership PACs, are usually set up by prominent figures in politics. They are used to spend money on other candidates, as well as pay for personal expenses. While the Trump campaign is currently fundraising for his “Election Defense Fund,” the fine print on solicitation emails reveal that any contributions are automatically spilt between this newly formed PAC and the Republican National Committee. An individual would have to donate more than $8000 before any of the proceeds actually went towards the bills that are piling up as Trump continues to file lawsuits in numerous states to dispute the outcome of the election.

No word on which candidates Trump might be looking to back in the future, but needless to say, he intends to stick around and have his say regarding future GOP candidates.

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