“Donald Trump…is a sociopath” says Trump Insider

Trump Insider Tony Schwartz states President Donald Trump “is a man without character…a sociopath”. Schwartz is co-author of “The Art of The Deal“; released in 1987, it is part memoir and part business advice book. It was the first book accredited to Donald Trump and helped to make him a household name.

In an unfiltered interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, the man who helped build the Trump mystique declares, “the legacy of Donald Trump will be as the worst president we have ever had.”  Equipped with insider knowledge from hundreds of hours with Trump, Schwartz is not surprised at the current path that the president travels. “Trump’s primary tactic…is to declare victory in defeat,” states the respected author, and this stems from his belief “you can only win or lose, there is nothing else.” This deep-seated idea is on display in election day remarks where Trump states, “I’m not thinking about a concession speech…winning is easy. Losing is never easy. Not for me it’s not”.

The idea that if he doesn’t win, he must have been cheated makes Trump feel “obliterated, and he moves between delusion and rage because he doesn’t want to go to that impossibly difficult feeling [of losing].” The main observation Schwartz wants to impart isn’t one about Trump, rather one of self-reflection. The literary veteran opines, “Democracy survived by the skin of its teeth, and it really teaches us that it’s much more vulnerable and precious and many of us took it for granted.”

At this moment, the viewer must refrain from blaming the ‘sociopath’ who would become president for being who he always said he was, rather one must look inward and say, “I will never take [democracy] for granted again.”

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