Capitol Police Prep Extra Security Ahead Of September 18 Rally At Capitol

The U.S. Capitol Police and DC Police have taken several steps to prepare their departments, and the city as a whole, in advance of a rally planned at the Capitol on Saturday, September 18, in support of Jan. 6 defendants.

“The United States Capitol Police is aware of concerning online chatter about a demonstration planned for September 18,” a spokesman said in a news release late Monday.

USCP officers were seen installing surveillance cameras around the area of the U.S. Capitol Monday morning. Some areas near the Capitol have already been boarded up, and several robotic cameras were placed at different locations.

The rally, known as “Justice for J6,” is planned for the Union Square area of the Capitol grounds, the section of the west front encompassing the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial and Capitol reflecting pool.

“We are here to protect everyone’s First Amendment right to peacefully protest,” USCP Chief Tom Manger said in a statement. “I urge anyone who is thinking about causing trouble to stay home. We will enforce the law and not tolerate violence.”

Manger said a fence would go up around the Capitol again a few days before the rally, and come down soon after if everything was peaceful.

The Metropolitan Police Department has also activated its entire force and postponed vacation days for its officers. The full activation alert assigned specific notice to MPD civil disturbance units trained for First Amendment demonstrations.

Chief Manager briefed Congressional leaders Monday morning, leading Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to say he’s convinced the police are far better prepared now than they were on Jan. 6.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he did not think any members of his party would be participating in Saturday’s events.

In a video uploaded Thursday, the rally organizer urged protesters to remain peaceful.

“The number one request is to be respectful and kind to all law enforcement officers who may be present,” said Matt Braynard, a former Trump campaign aide who is now with Look Ahead America.


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