Cabinet Profiles: Marty Walsh: Secretary Of Labor

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Marty Walsh

Secretary Of Labor

  • While Mayor of Boston, he has fought for a $15 minimum wage and paid family leave
  • Joined the Laborers’ Union Local 223 at age 21, later becoming president of the union.


Marty Walsh is currently serving his second term as the Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts.

For the past 7 years, he has worked tirelessly to rebuild the middle class, build a more inclusive, resilient economy, and fight for workers in his hometown —  including fighting for a $15 minimum wage and paid family leave.

Mayor Walsh is credited with setting records for new affordable housing in the city, putting a roof over the heads of hundreds of homeless people and ending chronic veterans’ homelessness, providing universal pre-k, and bringing free community college to low-income students in the city.

During his tenure as Mayor, 100,000 new jobs were created.

Prior to his service as Mayor, Walsh served as a legislator for the 13th Suffolk District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party Labor Caucus, and Co-Chair for the Special Commission on Public Construction Reform.

He was also president of the Laborers’ Union Local 223, joining the union at age 21. He was elected secretary-treasurer and general agent of the Boston Metropolitan District Building Trades Council, and ultimately named to lead the union in 2011.

Mayor Walsh received his bachelor’s degree from the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College.



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