Biden Administration Finds Israel’s Use of U.S. Weapons in Gaza Likely Violated International Law

Jimmy Williams

The Biden administration declared on Friday that Israel’s use of U.S.-supplied weapons in Gaza likely breached international humanitarian law. While unable to confirm specific airstrikes due to wartime conditions, the administration’s report to Congress marked its strongest stance yet on the conflict.

According to the summary report, the U.S. found “reasonable” evidence that Israel had used U.S.-made weapons inconsistently with international humanitarian law. Despite lacking definitive links to individual strikes, the report highlighted Israel’s significant reliance on American weaponry, raising concerns about civilian casualties.

Senator Chris Van Hollen expressed disappointment, noting that while the administration acknowledged violations, it sidestepped addressing specific cases. He criticized the decision as politically motivated and evasive.

President Biden has faced mounting pressure to navigate support for Israel amid escalating casualties and humanitarian crises. With growing discontent at home and abroad, particularly over Palestinian casualties and famine, Biden has sought to balance support for Israel with concerns over civilian harm.

In response, Representative Michael McCaul denounced the review as unnecessary, accusing it of fueling anti-Israel sentiment. He emphasized the importance of standing with Israel and providing necessary support.

The administration recently paused a shipment of bombs to Israel, citing concerns over its threatened offensive in Gaza’s crowded city of Rafah. While the move was seen as a step toward conditioning military aid, it stopped short of definitively ruling Israel’s conduct as violating international law.

Critics argue that the review underscores a double standard in enforcing laws governing foreign military support. They urge a clear determination of Israeli actions violating international law, while opponents warn against weakening Israel’s defense capabilities amid ongoing conflict.

As tensions persist, Biden faces challenges in navigating support for Israel while addressing humanitarian concerns and pressures from both sides of the political spectrum. The outcome of the review could influence future decisions on military aid and U.S. foreign policy in the region.

In the ongoing conflict, human rights groups have accused Israeli forces of abuses against Palestinians, prompting calls for accountability and changes in military tactics. The Biden administration’s report signals a significant development in U.S.-Israel relations and could have broader implications for Middle East policy moving forward.

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