President Biden Achieves Landmark with Confirmation of His 150th Federal Judge


In a historic moment, President Joe Biden reached a significant milestone with the Senate confirming his 150th federal judge. This achievement underscores the administration’s determination to reshape the federal judiciary and make it more representative and impartial.

The most recent confirmations, Kenly Kiya Kato and Julia Kobick, as district court judges in California and Massachusetts, respectively, contributed to this remarkable tally. With 113 district court judges and 36 appeals court judges now serving lifetime appointments, along with the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Biden administration has been instrumental in reshaping the judicial landscape.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hailed this milestone as a momentous day in the Senate, emphasizing the positive impact these judges have had. He noted that the 150 judges appointed by President Biden have added integrity and impartiality to the judiciary while expanding its diversity and dynamism. Importantly, these appointments have helped restore trust among the American public in the federal judiciary.

The confirmation of Julia Kobick holds particular significance, as she is the 100th female judge confirmed by the Senate during the Biden administration. This milestone marks a significant step toward achieving a more inclusive and diverse bench, which Schumer believes is crucial.

This achievement follows a four-year period during which former President Donald Trump and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell appointed a substantial number of conservative judges. Their influence extended to the Supreme Court, where they secured the appointments of three justices, resulting in a conservative-leaning court and significant legal decisions.

The Biden administration remains committed to filling every judicial vacancy with candidates from diverse backgrounds who are highly qualified and committed to upholding the rule of law. Achieving this objective is part of a broader effort to ensure that the federal judiciary better represents and serves the diverse population of the United States.

The confirmation process for these judges faced some challenges this year due to the absence of former Senator Dianne Feinstein, who held a pivotal position in Senate Democrats’ majority. Despite these hurdles, the Senate’s unanimous decision to allow Senator Laphonza Butler to take Feinstein’s place on the Judiciary Committee was instrumental in enabling the confirmation of President Biden’s judicial nominees.

Senator Schumer expressed his intent to surpass the total number of judges appointed during Trump’s presidency by the end of Biden’s first term. This milestone serves as a testament to the administration’s commitment to achieving a fair and diverse judiciary that will serve as a cornerstone of American democracy. As Schumer emphasized, this achievement is merely a midpoint in their ongoing mission, declaring, “We aren’t done.”

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