Amazon Is Cutting Off Parler’s Servers For Inadequate Content Moderation

Amazon has told Parler it will suspend the company’s AWS hosting services access at midnight (Sunday).

According to The Washington Post, users of the site praised Wednesday’s Capitol riot while violating the e-commerce and web hosting giant’s terms of services.

Amazon says Parler’s inadequate content-moderation practices was the violation.

A source close to the matter confirmed Amazon AWS communicated its suspension to Parler on Saturday.

Parler’s chief executive, John Matze, stated the site would be unavailable for up to a week as they rebuild the site from the start.

The move by Amazon AWS is the latest upset to the pro-Trump group. Apple and Google both took action to remove the app from its stores for smartphone downloads blaming the potential risk for violence.

Since Wednesday’s madness, Parler users applauded the rioter’s attempted coup.

Matze slammed giant techs for having ties, and their “coordinated efforts” meant to “inflict the most damage right as President Trump was banned from the tech companies.” Matze was referencing Twitter, a platform commonly used by Trump that recently permanently suspend his account. According to the outlet, there was fear that Trump’s tweets would provoke violence.

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