Almost Two Dozen Military Personnel Or Veterans Arrested For Attacks At The Capitol

New information continues to be released about the people that participated in the attack at the United States Capitol. Data collected by CNN shows that 21 out of the first 150 people arrested for the attack are military personnel or veterans.

Two of those arrested for the insurrection are in the Army and two are National Guardsmen. Of the 17 veterans arrested, one was in the Air Force, two served in the Navy, eight are Marines, and six were part of the Army.

On January 6, hundreds of people raided the US Capitol. The bloody insurrection left five people dead and several dozen injured. CNN says there is a link between some of the veterans and extremist groups like the Proud Boys.

Gabriel Garcia, a former Army captain and Proud Boy extremist, live-streamed the riot from the capitol building on Facebook. Garcia was arrested for violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds in Miami, Florida. Last year, Garcia ran for the House of Representatives and lost. Garcia told WPLG that there were questions about the election system.

“There’s people starting to doubt this process,” Garcia told WPLG.

According to a federal criminal complaint, Garcia was heard on the live-stream calling police officers “traitors” and warning officers that they “ain’t gonna hold a million back today.”

Aubrey Q. Webb, Garcia’s attorney, told Army Times that he would not speak about his client’s charges.

“However, I will say that Mr. Garcia is entitled to full due process of law under the constitution, regardless of political beliefs,” Webb told Army Times.

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