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Donald Trump Acquitted In Second Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial came to an end on Saturday after the Senate decided to acquit him on the charge of “incitement of insurrection” following the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol. The vote was 57-43. Every Democrat voted to find him “guilty,” the question technically before the Senate, …

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Watch Live: The Second Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump


The historic second Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump has begun. On Wednesday House impeachment managers, led by lead manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, played violent video scenes of the Jan. 6 attack. Some of the footage was never seen before video from Capitol security cameras. The managers spent the …

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GOP Senators Pan Performance Of Trump Attorneys

Various Senate Republicans have publicly criticized former President Donald Trump’s legal defense team’s performance on day 1 of his second impeachment trial. Most of the criticism was reserved for attorney Bruce Castor, who delivered a sometimes rambling and unfocused opening argument while trying to make the case that the trial …

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Senate Says Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is Constitutional

After hours of debate between House impeachment managers and attorneys representing Donald Trump, the Senate voted Tuesday that the trial of a former president is constitutional. The vote was 56-44, with six Republicans joining all 50 Democrats. Those Republicans were Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Lisa Murkowski …

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Trump Must Go!

Donald Trump incited an insurrectionist riot that culminated in the storming of the Capitol. Once the smoke cleared from the Electoral College Riot, two bombs were found, five lives were lost, and the world wondered, “what happens next?” Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger is calling for the invocation of the 25th Amendment, …

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