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The Supreme Court Is Back In Session, With New Controversial Cases That Stand To Change Many Americans’ Lives – Here’s What To Expect

Supreme Court

Morgan Marietta, UMass Lowell Following a dramatic year of controversial rulings, the Supreme Court begins hearing new cases on Oct. 3, 2022, with a full agenda. The court overturned abortion rights and expanded gun rights in June 2022 as the new conservative supermajority began to exert its influence. Some of …

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The Independent State Legislature Doctrine Could Reverse 200 Years Of Progress And Take Power Away From The People

Massachusetts State House

Henry L. Chambers Jr., University of Richmond In a case to be heard in the coming months, the U.S. Supreme Court could decide that state legislatures have control over congressional elections, including the ability to draw voting districts for partisan political advantage, unconstrained by state law or state constitutions. At issue …

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