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House Passes Biden’s $1.7 Trillion Build Back Better Act

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

On Friday, the House voted to pass a historic $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act that makes unprecedented investments in working people, families, and communities across America. The roll call fell mostly among party lines with a vote of 220-213, with one Democrat, Maine Congressman Jared Goldman, voting against it. “We …

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President Biden Announces ‘Historic’ Spending Plan

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he had reached a “historic economic framework” with Democrats in Congress on his social spending plan, the Build Back Better Act. President Biden: "Today, I'm pleased to announce that after months of tough and thoughtful negotiations, I think we have an historic, I …

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Report: Paid Leave May Be Out Of Build Back Better Act

Sen. Joe Manchin

Democrats will reportedly drop paid family and medical leave from the Build Back Better Act. According to reporting, Sen. Joe Manchin wouldn’t agree to the initiative because he doesn’t think it can be paid for. “I just can’t do it,” the West Virginia Senator said. “To expand social programs when …

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