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A Preview Of The Supreme Court’s Upcoming Term

Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court‘s new nine-month term begins on Monday, October 4, and it could be one of the most significant terms in years. The Justices are poised to decide major cases that could roll back abortion rights and broaden gun and religious rights. “It’s a hugely important term,” …

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House Passes Legislation To Protect Abortion Rights

Nancy Pelosi

The House passed the Women’s Health Protection Act on Friday as part of the Democrats’ efforts to protect abortion rights established under the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. As a federal law, the bill would overrule and pre-empt restrictive abortion-related laws at the state level, such as Texas’ …

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Senator Susan Collins Won’t Back Abortion Rights Bill

Sen. Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) says she will not support Democrat’s Women’s Health Protection Act, an abortion rights bill “which would prohibit states from enacting restrictions on abortion through fetal viability,” according to the Los Angeles Times. It comes in response to a controversial Texas law banning abortion once cardiac activity is detected, which …

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Florida GOP Lawmaker Files Texas-Style Abortion Bill

Webster Barnaby

A Florida State Representative filed a Texas-style abortion bill on Wednesday prohibiting abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. The bill, filed by Florida GOP Rep. Webster Barnaby, is deemed the “Florida Heartbeat Act.” It states that once a heartbeat is detected, abortions will not be allowed unless the mother’s …

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20 States Are Challenging South Carolina Abortion Ban

Attorneys General in 20 states and Washington D.C. on Wednesday filed an amicus brief in support of a legal challenge against South Carolina’s controversial abortion ban. The Attorneys General says that the fetal heartbeat law is unconstitutional and harms women. “The unlawful efforts by South Carolina and other states to …

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