President Trump Vetoes Defense Bill

President Donald Trump vetoed the $741 billion defense bill, sending Congress into overtime to override his veto. “My administration has taken strong actions to help keep our Nation safe and support our service members,” President Trump wrote in a message. “I will not approve this bill, which would put the …

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President Trump Signals He May Not Sign Relief Bill

President Trump is signaling he may not sign the COVID-19 relief bill. After months of silence on the issue, last night in a video, President Trump called the bill a ”disgrace” and suggested he might not immediately sign off on it. He called on Congress to increase the ”ridiculously low” …

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UPDATE: The Senate HELP Committee puts an End to Surprise Medical Bills

  Health care giants have gotten rich off the pain and misfortune of Americans for years. After a two-year battle, Congress has finally stood its ground. They made a decision that will ultimately affect the lives of all American citizens. The congressional committee created a deal that will protect patients from receiving “surprise” medical bills. Congress’s fight to protect …

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