Oklahoma Is Trying To Return $2 Million Worth Of Hydroxychloroquine

Oklahoma is looking to return a $2 million supply of anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine purchased as a treatment for COVID-19.

The large quantity of the drug was purchased after former President Donald Trump promoted it as a reliable remedy to combat COVID-19, despite clinical trials showing that the pill was nearly useless in treating the virus.

The state ordered 1.2 million hydroxychloroquine pills, which is nearly 100,000 doses, from the California-based private medical supply company FFF Enterprises.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter confirmed that the state was trying to eliminate the unused pills. The state’s decision to order such a large sum drew scrutiny from its residents. However, at the time, the state’s former secretary of state defended the order, ensuring residents that even if it was not a proper COVID-19 treatment, hydroxychloroquine could still be used to treat other ailments.

“That money will not have gone to waste in any respect,” Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt said at the time.

Oklahoma was not the only state to fall victim to Trump’s touting of the drug. Utah also spent $800,000 on its own supply of the medicine but canceled its order shortly after receiving backlash for the purchase.

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